Dada (दादा)

My visit to the Andaman islands now nearly a year ago has a special a place in my life and work. After recovering from the spinal surgery that gave me back my left leg it was the first shoot that tested my body’s capacity to go on.

Immediately after a shoot in July last year my disk revolted and put my left leg to sleep for 3 days till the doctors pruned it allowing the nerves to reclaim the limb. Recovery was slow and painful and more so because I had to lie in bed and do nothing.

On the shoot I spent a large amount of time driving around the islands, nearly drowned myself taking photographs, climbed trees, trucks and hills to get the shots I did. It was when I returned from the island in one piece with my leg still willing to walk with me that I had the confidence to go on.

After traveling the waterways in a tiny boat (that had my heart racing till we got off) we reached a village were I took this portrait which remains one of my favorites from the trip.

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