Garam Chai

Spot (on) Metering

A Fret-saw technician at a furniture workshop in Rajasthan

This is when you thank the camera manufacturer for inventing spot metering!

Photography Classes

Teaching I am told is in my blood, both my parents are teachers, of my brothers the elder one teaches at SPA in Delhi the younger is with Teach for India in Bombay. I guess it was only a matter of time that I had to join in, something I did last year.

While I tried to make sense of all the curves in my micro economics class in college I always wished I could have got a BA from Delhi University in Photography honors rather than Economics. (No offence to all the teachers at college, Mrs. Leema Mohan, Mrs. Poonam Kalra, KRC, VC, Mr. Grewal and Mr. Rahgunathan all of whom were very patient with me and my love for the camera.)

During the 5 years that I was in and out of Delhi I did have the opportunity to give annual lectures at KMC in DU and held 2 day workshops on my trips around the globe if the opportunity so allowed.

Back in Delhi I was determined to get a course going and I glad we are moving on. Coming from a family of modest means the camera I used was borrowed or gifted, friends and teachers helped me peruse my art and all the while I wished that we had a course at Delhi University that some one who did not have a fat Bank Balance could attend.

The Basic Photography Course being held both at St. Stephens in Delhi University and The Sushant School of Architecture is the result of this dream to institute a course in photography that will afford aspiring photographers the opportunity to hone their skills and further their art.

For those of you interested in finding out more please send in mails to:

Turtle it is

Now I have to tell you all that I have the urge to write something very wise about this shot and what I was thinking. Making that up is going to take a lot of effort to I guess I am going to stick to the truth again (due to sheer laziness not greater virtue). Hope you like the shot got to thank my 100-400 for it, just a simple shot with great colours.

Monsoon Madness

The monsoon always drives many hidden treasures from their underground homes giving us the opportunity to see things we might never get a chance to otherwise.

These hard, crusty skinned worms that seem to have been flooded out of their home provided one such unique sight. Now they don't bight (I know because I picked a handful of them from off the road to safety,) but sure look really creepy!

For those of you (like Ameya) who saw my work while still in college, I am sure its going to bring back (hopefully pleasant) memories.

Happy Independence Day

On a recent visit to Rajasthan, when we got lost, were given all the wrong directions, and the rain stayed with us every time we took out our cameras the National bird came by to cheer us up.

Investing in a flash

After seeing innumerable wedding albums in India most of us Photographers develop an aversion to using a flash. Not that I am suggesting that we are wrong in our distaste for the on (or in) Camera Flash. An external flash that has a tilt and swivel head is a excellent tool and one should invest in one if you are serious about making a career out of photography.

This is not about career advice, this is about the difference a flash can make, its about this photograph.

We were on a weekend getaway to the hills and enjoying the cold after the sweltering heat of Delhi.

The view from the cliff was excellent but soon lost as the sun bid the day farewell.

In addition to my driving skills I am also wanted on these trips for my bad jokes and the occasional photographs that have to be taken.

Then there are times when a challenge appears or as some like to think an opportunity to torture my friends.

The light not good enough to get the moon, the cottage and the my good looking friends all in the photograph, a flash was needed.

But what makes the difference is the fact that flash was 6 feet away from the camera, the side lighting though bang on gave me what I am looking for.

And just in-case I forgot: take your tripod with you too, yes always!!

In the photograph from left to right: Abhijeet, Abhilasha, Parineeta