Rabri in Old Delhi
Before any one suggests there is nothing rubbery about what the old man is cooking, and yes its called Rabri. This childhood favorite for me,  is a North India specialty. I remember how we'd wait for the annual trip to our favorite shop to gorge on mouthwatering dish. Cooked in a shallow karhai for several hours its a pure milk dish with sugar, dried fruits and a whole bunch of other goodies. 

A Farmer



Winter wonderland

Winter is the best time of the year from, love the cold. As a child I loved getting under a nice heavy and puffy cotton quilt for a good nights sleep and I still do, here's the man who makes sure it keeps me warm!

Winter is here!

Just in case the dense fog outside your window, or the icy wind, and the dropping mercury some how failed in driving home the point: Winter is here! And as you can see some of us are enjoying the cold!

A New Year!

Fishing in the cold!
This morning's papers were all about how Lucknow my home town was colder than Shimla a hill-station north of Delhi, and I too felt the extreme cold when i walked out onto the balcony to have my morning cup of tea and call home to check on my folks.

The day was spent driving from one village to another, meeting folks, drinking tea and eating stuff at the local tea stalls. As the sun began to bid the day adieu we reached a village where a band of brothers and their aunt were fishing in the cold.

Taking breaks to shun the cold with their shivering bodies the boys were all smiles as they literally sieved the water to collect the tiny fish for a special dinner!

Its supposed to be colder tomorrow but the boys say they'll back and I am sure they will (with the same big smiles)!