One from the past

When i started shooting it began with wasps, spiders and some other creepy crawlies.

Lajja ३ (लज्जा ३)

Bundelkhand is famous for its ground nuts or monkey nuts, what ever you choose to call them. On a visit to this, the most beautiful part of my home state we were guests at a remote village where the locals had recently harvested the seasons bounty. Not far from the village square this little girl who refused to tell me her name had just had her bath and was ready to play in the sun. Sitting on the ground playing with the nuts she kept smiling at me all the while.

Everything changed the moment the camera came out, she was quick to drop her head and avoid the lens. I was disappointed that I missed that smiling face but later looking at the photograph on the computer I realized that I was still luckier with the catch I got.