One from the past

When i started shooting it began with wasps, spiders and some other creepy crawlies.


avantika said...

nice one Fanthome, I hope you didn't get bitten or end up with a rash when you took these pictures. I love the way the colours stand out and the blur in the background is excellent.

Tangerine Fairy said...

Such an awesome shot! Do you use an SLR? I just posted some I took on my blog..Still in the early learning stage for me..:)

André Jeanpierre Fanthome said...

Hi Avantika,
Glad you liked the work. the Blur you refer to is due to the lack of depth of field, a very important tool in photography.

to the Fairy,
am reviewing your blog as i write you this note, and yes i do use a SLR.