Flying Fish

The first time I heard some one say something about flying fish I must have been 10, and I was sure that my brother was talking about some mythical creature that he had read about in one of the many book I always saw him with.

I think it was the second day at sea on my first voyage that I saw something jump out of the water and literally fly over the water and then dive in again.

Flying fish did actually exist, or was I day dreaming? The excitement on the faces some others like me gave me my answer.

We had left Brazil on one of my longest voyages headed to Funchal, Portugal.

Not far from the mainland is the island - archipelago of Fernando de Noronha where I was able to take these photographs.

The Gulls would either chase the fish in the air as they flew over the waves for distances of over 5 meters or dive from heights of over 10 meters and shoot into the water like darts to catch these magnificent creatures.

I have since seen flying fish several times, in the Pacific and Atlantic but never once did anything compare to the feeding frenzy and the action I saw on the day.