Investing in a flash

After seeing innumerable wedding albums in India most of us Photographers develop an aversion to using a flash. Not that I am suggesting that we are wrong in our distaste for the on (or in) Camera Flash. An external flash that has a tilt and swivel head is a excellent tool and one should invest in one if you are serious about making a career out of photography.

This is not about career advice, this is about the difference a flash can make, its about this photograph.

We were on a weekend getaway to the hills and enjoying the cold after the sweltering heat of Delhi.

The view from the cliff was excellent but soon lost as the sun bid the day farewell.

In addition to my driving skills I am also wanted on these trips for my bad jokes and the occasional photographs that have to be taken.

Then there are times when a challenge appears or as some like to think an opportunity to torture my friends.

The light not good enough to get the moon, the cottage and the my good looking friends all in the photograph, a flash was needed.

But what makes the difference is the fact that flash was 6 feet away from the camera, the side lighting though bang on gave me what I am looking for.

And just in-case I forgot: take your tripod with you too, yes always!!

In the photograph from left to right: Abhijeet, Abhilasha, Parineeta

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Stephan said...

I like the photograph, but it must be a task to carry your tripod every where you go.