When at home tea has always been served soaked in a teapot with the milk and sugar separate, but for me right from childhood it just never did it for me. What still works for me is "cooked tea" as my mom likes to call it. Every visit to the villages of my state give me the chance to down cups and cups of this refreshing tea. Yesterday was one such long day where a friend and I visited 7 families and enjoyed tea at each home. Every home has its own recipe for the brew, some add Ginger and Tulsi (my favorites ), others might add Cardamom and Cinnamon, but no matter where you go in UP you'll always be offered water and tea  ( चाय पानी ) before anything else, just one of the reason I love my state!

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Rae said...

Dont know why but this photo just appeals to me...which is strange because I dont even drink chai that much...anyway, the colour and the malai...its just beautiful! :)

And sorry, its a bit late but Happy Teacher's Day! I dont know if you remember but I was a part of the workshop you conducted at Stephens around a year and a half back... :)