This is another one from the Andaman trip I have written about before. Taking the photograph was the highlight of the trip for me.

And if you are wondering, why ….

We were driving back from a visit to some village when I saw this elephant at work. Initially I was just excited to see something I had never seen before but had both read and heard about. As I watched the master speak to elephant that seemed to comprehend every little word that escaped the masters mouth I took some casual photographs.

After about five minutes I gave in and found the courage to climb to the drivers cabin (only to burn my hands on the scorching metal). Took some photographs, then crawled under the truck to see if it was better there, though every one at tried to dissuade me. Finally I decided the space between cabin and the wooden separator was the best.

With some difficulty I slipped in and waited for the right moment. (I am constantly told I need to loose weight.) Braving the heat I took some photographs till I finally got the timing right and was able to take this shot.

On my way back to the rest-house I remember thanking both Dr. Amrit and Dr. Chabra for helping me walk again, tank you once more.

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