Pushkar revisited

Pushkar has been and will remain a yearly pilgrimage for me and several posts on this blog have come from my trips to the holy town. This one is from the touristy part of town with, for the first time a tourist, as the focus of the photograph.

While the Banjara family, got ready for their act waiting for another event to end, an eager tourist thought he’s give their tight rope a try and managed to make it to the other end.

While all the cameras fired one after the other to get a piece of the pie at the main event I had this prize catch all to myself. (For once I was happy I was late.) Within minutes ofcourse my colleagues too realized that this was something not to be missed.

After a few minutes the poor chap was forced up the rope again to pose for the next days papers, he didn't make it to the other side this time round but I sure hope he made it to the first page the following day.

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susan Cohen said...

good catch...it looks great in black and white