Il Pittore

This photograph is special to me, its crooked and yet its straight!

I am sure many of you have had your teachers or peers tell you that the photograph is great BUT .... a little crooked.

When I first started shooting I was very mindful of all the critique I received. Hell all I wanted to do was get better and make a living dangling a camera round my neck rather than suffocate wearing an expensive tie. (Ended up doing both together, ever tried shooting in a three piece suit!?!)

well getting back to the photograph that I have often been told I made a complete mess of (... yes there are always those who disagree).

Straight like everything else in this world is a matter of relativity ( now I am sounding like a scientist). We see how well the lines in the photograph run parallel to the for sides of the image we capture and then conclude if the shot is straight or not.

In this particular image while the traditional horizon and ground dosent provide us with the parallels we look for yet if you look down the vertical centre of the image you find a parallel that runs thru the tree down the umbrella pole and into the ground.

It sort of confuses me, straight I like to think .... may be not! But yes it gets me thinking and that I think should do. (Enough thinking for today)

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