Class trip to Chandni Chowk

Pilgrims at the Gurudwara in Chandni Chowk

Today was an interesting day and I mean each word I say (write).

The alarm that was set to wake me up at 6 was set for Saturday and not Sunday. But I did make it to class on time, thank God for blessing me with Buddy my dog. 

When I did get to Chandini Chowk it was raining, no pouring. There was a regular stream flowing on the road. Shared jelebi's, chai, and samosas with Medha who showed much courage, determined to attend every class of the course.

My phone got wet, the email service which had not worked for 2 days began working (if I had known I would have poured some water on it myself) and the ringer went off (wasn't happy about that). Took the metro back to Gurgaon seeing no mercy from the rain only to return an hour later.

The second time round the Metro was not so good to me but the clouds were . 

The shoot was excellent!
Got some great shots. And then just after I had tweeted how much I liked the Metro, YES you’re right it was out of order when I was to return. Thanks to the kindness of my dear friend (and saviour for the day) I got a drop back to Gurgaon. Thank you Anandhi!

Now just waiting to see what the rest of the gang has got.

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Medha said...

Oh...Wow...I am famous..part of your blog!

Lovely pics....!