Sunday Stall

Scarf Vendor in Chandni Chowk

During the outdoor shoot in the afternoon yesterday I had to stop when I saw this guy selling scarf's on the footpath. He was quite happy (a little shy) and amused to have me take his photograph. Took me about 10 minutes to get the frame right, but was happy with what I got. Its one thing to stop the incessant flow of people on the footpaths of Chandni Chowk the busiest the market place in Delhi, but to patiently wait till there is a gap long enough for you to get a shot is completely different feeling!

I guess you can see me smiling!


George said...

Love the play of colors in your photographs Andre, the composition of this photograph is fantastic.

Luna Ribeiro said...

Adorei o blog! Lindooo! Pena que está todo em inglês!

fanthome said...

Graças Luna, estou arrependido eu não falar Português, mas o Google faz um bom trabalho traduzindo o Inglês.