On a recent shoot in Siliguri, WB I was shooting a building when I noticed these rather interesting shadows across on the opposite wall. Based on my calculation I had about half an hour to finish the shot I was taking and move over to take this photograph or so I thought!

By the time I had finished the shot I was taking and moved over to take this photograph the sun had not set but a cloud had come in! So with no shadows forming the tea brewing on the ground floor seemed to be a compelling choice I had to fight hard to resist.

But I would not have it, I decided to wait and wait some more, looking at the cloud and telling it to move! (in cloud tongue)  And it did, giving me about half a minute to take a couple of shots with even better shadows than the ones I had seen!

There’s always a reason for everything .... Destiny, Karma, Luck, Timing, what ever you’d like to call it .... its out there.

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