One from Trunk

Documenting CARE's interventions during the floods in Eastern UP - September 2009
Now for those of you who are questioning the choice of caption for this post - no I dont store my photographs in a trunk but then 'one from the HD' hardly has any romance to it! (poetic license ??)

Some time in the September of 2009 I got a call from Amelia at CARE, "where are you? we need you to help us!". Over the next few minutes I was explained how I needed to help. Two days later we on the road to eastern UP to evaluate and document  the work her colleagues were doing for the people who's lives were destroyed by the fury of the Ghaghara.

We saw a lot work and despair in area, some of which I try not remember too often, one image has however stuck in my head from the time I shot it four years ago. The contribution that the non governmental organizations to the development of our country is something that we need to salute and appreciate. This post is for all my friends who work with  NGO's all over the country and specially in UP.

Thank you for doing what you do!

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