From dawn till dusk we constantly see things around us, and while sometimes what we see can make for good photographs right away, often that’s not the case. If on the other hand one decides to look and search of the ingredients of good imagery in all one sees we’ll find that there is lot around us that can make for good photographs.

Living in Gurgaon I’d often look at the sand pit below my balcony. Once when the children were off I noticed the clear shadows on the sand that by the evening would switch sides. I finally set up my tripod one day and captured this play of light in the childen's playground to crate Samay ( समय- Hindi for time).

While the subjects of a photograph have a lot to do with the final imagery that one creates its important to understand that it’s not always just about the subjects. Lush green pastures, or an unbelievable moment can be ingredients of great photographs but even the mundane and simplicity of life can create stunning imagery if one chooses to look carefully and give the subject due attention and time.

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