A Start

So I have finally decided to start writing here, have not planned the layout yet but I guess that can wait, I can’t use it as an excuse not to start posting now can I?
The mentoring program is in full swing, and yes I prefer to use the term mentoring rather than teaching because I personally think you cant really teach any one, anything, but you could help them learn and can advise them from your limited experience on how to go about things that you may know about.

This (much delayed) Blog shall be a platform for me to share with you what I keep learning as well as a place for you to share your learnings. Photographs can be sent in to me for critique, this can be kept confidential or posted on the Blog for others to learn, as you like it best.(remote mentoring?)

Questions with regard to photography are most welcome as I see it as a source for me to brush up my learning’s as well. I like to think I have a sense of humor so you will need to bear with me when I crack jokes that you may not understand (even my friends seldom get the jokes).
I will of course add in bits about my life that I hope will give you a laugh now and then in the personal section.

Wish me luck since writing has never been my forte but I am trying to make that change now.

This Photograph taken on a camera lent to by Amrita, was the first of my Photographs to have won an award. I still remember how I felt when Mr. Ragu Rai spent an extra few seconds looking at the entry.

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