Being in the right place at the right time that’s what its all about! (i'm not so sure!)
It surely helps to be there at an opportune moment but there is more to it then just being there. I am sure you too have realized. There have been times when I was at the right time in the right place but could not make the most of it. Simply speaking I could not take a single shot!

One such situation was when I was in Hawaii chasing the Humpback whales. I’d been riding boats for over a month or so chasing these majestic mammals. As per the laws you cant get closer than a certain distance but the whales are free to approach you. A calf did, it came real close, about a meter from the bow of the Zodiac where I was with my cameras just waiting….. and THEN all out of the blue a huge male whale surfaced not more than 10 meters from us to sound a warning.

Its one of those moments I can see again and again but just did not have the wits about me to pick up my camera and shoot. It was the moment I had hoped and prayed for every time the boat left the harbor. A lot changed after that, I began being more prepared and though there are going to be moments in the future that might take over, I hope I’ll be able to react in time to get the shot - more often than not!

A couple of months after the trip to Hawaii I was sipping a drink on a beach in the Caribbean when a wave broke right behind a girl playing on the beach....
I took the shot.

Need cat-like reflexes? Yeah! May be, it sure does help once you are there (at the right place at the right time!).


Hop Frog said...

Yeah man Camera phones help in such a situation but the quality is poor.

Swati said...

Very well said. Am sure every professional photographer experiences this as do amateurs. Sometimes I am not sure if photographers forget to 'really experience' things because they are so busy trying to get that perfect shot and whether they feel things in every dimension because they spend so much time behind the lens in that one single dimension.

Hmmm... perhaps they do.