So what does it take get an image like this and why is it o special to me? Some times it all happens in a split second, like with Mandi (check the entry on the 3rd of July) others it takes a lot of sweating it out. In this case it took a lot, I mean it a lot of sweating it out. The mid summer heat with no rain and the high levels of humidity made for one very sweaty cocktail. Between the 27 photographs that I took in the afternoon I spent a fare share of my time keeping the pearls of sweat from trickling into my eyes.
In addition to sweating it out its also about exploring the subject and finding something new. I have in the past photographed barbers in India and they do make for very interesting imagery but this was something new to me. The fact that I was able to intertwine the various elements of the photograph was an achievement.

What made this even more valuable to me was the joy of being able to catch the moment. After about 10 attempts from different angles I was able to get my composition right.

I could of-course have asked the guy to put his arms as in the photograph and taken the shot, but where’s the fun in that?


kihba said...

this is a cool shot man...

Susan Cohen said...

I really like the angle of the minarets in the background. Had they been straight it would have been too normal a shot. I like to see the unexpected that makes you think.