It always happens doesn’t it? Some call it Murphy's Law some say its Ironic! I can hear Alanis Morissette sing in the background as I write this post.

The day will pass as you search every nook and corner for the shot that will make walking around in the heat worth it and it will evade you the harder your look for it. And just when you have no time left and its time to go there it’ll stare you in the face and wave you good by as you drive away.

It was a long day in Udaipur, Varun and I had come in on the morning train and wanted to get back on the evening train so that we would not miss work the following day. The shoot was over but I was now looking out for something for myself. Just as we left the hotel to make way for the station we were arrested by the flow locals on their way to the fair grounds to celebrate some festival. We abandoned the cab and began walking then got a Three wheeler, the driver was confident of wading against the current for some reason we trusted him. While he blew his horn incessantly and inched forward, Varun began checking the tickets to see how much time we had and if we were going to have to spend the night in Udaipur.

I on the other hand had business to take care of. The bright colours all around me and my unique position calmed my nerves as I pulled the camera out of the bag and began working on what I was sure would be a good shot. We reached the station in time, well just in time but I was happy I did not let the situation get the better of me.

Ironic ... just keep your camera handy!

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Srushti Mandar Rao said...

Beautiful photograph... truly worth it :D