For quite a while now Lucknow has been synonymous with Tunde-ke-Kebabs for many of my friends. Every trip means I have to carry boxes back for a long list of friends and family.
I for one make sure that I make the pilgrimage every time I am in town, and yes the shami kebabs are the best you can ever get your hands on anywhere.
The original shop in Chowk has lost out to the more strategically located one in Aminabad the heart of the shopping center of Lucknow.

From morning till evening the place buzzes with activity both inside the restaurant and on the street it stands on. This photograph was an aimed at bringing together the hussle-bussle of Aminabad with the mouthwatering kabebs that are internationally famous.
Surprisingly in the 10 years that I have been shooting this was the first time I took a took the camera to dinner.

Just for the record “TUNDE” is some one with one hand, the old man who started the shop in Chowk was one.


Ayush said...

According to the legend that I've heard - the then Nawab of Lucknow lost many of his teeth due to some dental disease. As a result he asked his chef to prepare such kebabs that would "melt" in the mouth!

André Jeanpierre Fanthome said...

they sure do melt in your mouth, and get your mouth melting (watering) at the thought of the little delights!

Swati said...

Very nice post as well as photo!