I was in love with Alaska even before I got there! I had seen photographs and heard stories from so many friends that I was just waiting to see it for myself.

I had always wanted to make a trip to Antarctica but that seemed just as unlikely then as it does now after my surgery. So finally I got 2 weeks with the team up in Alaska, the boss allowed me to stay on - thank you Manny.

In the two weeks that I spent there I had enough time to take a chopper ride to Juneau Ice Field and do a two hour walk in crampons that I had never worn before. I saw a glacier calve though I did not capture it. Saw the picturesque Mendenhall Glacier and Arctic Turns that had flown up from the southern hemisphere for the summer holiday.

I did get some shots on this first trip but much more important though was the resolve that it had rooted in me to come back again and spend more than 2 weeks. I did return and that’s when I began working on 32˚ Fahrenheit my first Solo Exhibition.


Ayush said...

the whales snap is awesome. amazing how u were able to compose it so well when the total event probably lasted less than a few seconds!!!

susan Cohen said...

There is no way to compare Alaska to anywhere else, especially India! My favorite memories are of a tide pool off an island near Sitka...watching orange and bright purple starfish scampering about. Then there was the day we landed on a glacier and the plane got stuck in the snow! We had to push the plane out and then watch as the pilot circled above us wondering when and how he was going to come back!
Your photos are awesome...keep posting.

Rekha said...

Absolutely awesome pics. Alaska has been a dream destination for me for a long while...perhaps someday soon

Manny Mendes said...

Hey dude glad I was able to help out, although I had no idea how much it meant to you! Loving the photos, keep up the good work.