Reflections 1

This work is from the holy city of Banaras, a city that has given me many great memories. It was in Banaras that I had 'bhang' (भांग) for the first time. After waiting for over an hour for it to hit and not having any luck I decided to call it a day. A couple of hours later when I was woken by a phone call I remember sending the next hour our so just floating around the room chasing the damn phone and rolling on the floor in splits of laughter with Anshuman and Vikki.

One afternoon when we made the mistake of walking towards the town and away from the Ghats I crossed this roadside hawker selling mirrors and some other sundry items. Immediately the reflections caught my eye, but looking from where I was standing all I could see was an torrent of people brushing past in great haste. I walked off, yes I did, who wanted to shoot that I thought to myself.
Then the ‘If only’ came, if only there was something interesting in the reflection…. I looked up at the opposite side of the road to see what was there. Deciding not to be lazy any more I went down on my knees, waited for a break in the endless flow of people and got a couple of shots of the hoarding.

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