This set is for Susan

I met Susan in India and not in Alaska when she did a photography experience with me in Delhi. My friends Varun and Animesh run this extraordinary travel-experience company called Tallis and Co. ( ) Its not a travel agency, they wont book your bus tickets so don’t get the wrong idea.

Both Susan and Bernie walked the lanes of Old Delhi, had lunch at Karims and I was told had a great day and lots of good photographs.(Okay no more bragging here)

When Susan commented on the Alaska photographs this morning I was reminded of the star fish I had shot at Sitka and so put this collection together.

For any one in two minds about going to Alaska .... “JUST GO!” Is all I can say, you’ll thank me when you get back.

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Susan Cohen said...

Thank you!
Yes, we did have a wonderful day and I have used the "tips" and "insights" you gave me over and over. I hope our paths cross again one day!
P.S. Gotta love those starfish!