Lajja 2 (लज्जा २)

We had finished work and were walking back to our Jeeps waiting to ferry us along the dusty roads to the next village when the Pradhan (head of the Village) insisted that we stop and listen to a couple of songs (there was no point refusing). The artists, a mother and daughter duo got ready, the Dholak was tested and they began singing. We were informed that they belonged to a gypsy village not far from where we were.

While I could hardly catch a word of what they were singing because of the strong accent, I did catch the sparkle in the girl’s eye. Initially the camera made her rather uneasy and nervous but I did make her smile and then she broke into a giggle. As she tried hard to restrain herself from laughing openly by covering her mouth I was able to squeeze in 2 shots before she hid behind her mother.

I have asked myself, “Why are people so shy?” But now, somehow, I am grateful for it!

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I love this one....