The news paper (अखबार)

While growing up I was not much into reading, but the paper always interested me with all the black and white photographs that it carried. We never got the paper the same day living as we did in a remote village, but being more concerned with the imagery I didn’t care less.

Now things have changed a little, some say I am obsessed with the paper, though I feel its just a routine, like my morning cup of tea that I just can’t do without. Even though a large section of India remains illiterate and education has still a long, long way to go, the newspaper rules the morning in most homes, tea stall, and market places every day.

In villages in rural India where just a handful of people might be literate you’ll find one fortunate soul reading the news to group of attentive listeners. In the cities and towns though you’ll find people in balconies, on garden benches, at home or just about anywhere, including the entrance of a temple getting a grip on the news.

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